Monday, February 14, 2011

A Re-do on a Budget

A guest post from Autumn of Pulp and Palette - a very fun story to accompany these fun chairs!

My husband and I decided to shop the local market looking for a basic side chair so that we could paint it, and re-cover it. After weeks of searching, we decided to go back to the 1st market we went to weeks prior and went to the very back of the building, where no man really goes. From a distance we found these awful brownish vinyl, 60's era chairs. They were ugly as sin. Perfection!

Priced at $35 for both of them, we stood there looking at them and discussing when the stall owner noticed and came over. My husband asked, "so, these are $35?" Stall owner: "no". Hubby: "But they're priced $35. They aren't more are they?" Stall owner, in his barely-understandable-heavy-Greek accent, "for you and wife, $5." Hubby & me, in conjunction: "$5?! Each?!" Stall owner: "No. $5. Both." Hubby & I: "We'll take 'em!!"

So we left the market with our 2 ugly as sin, but perfect finds, only $5 lighter.

So off to purchase fabric and paint. Long story short, we purchased 2 little pots of sample paint from Bunnings {Australian version of Home Depot} for $10. Next stop: fabric purchase.

Now, I gotta explain myself a little bit and my fabric and paint colour choice. For about 5 min's during 2009, I was into this bright; funky; retro, phase of design. It was during that 5 min's that I decided to do this project. Thank goodness, it only lasted for 5 min's. I'm planning on re-covering my re-covered chairs in something much more subdued; vintage, and simple...much more my style. I, fabric. I chose 2 black and white patterns, complimentary of each other, and enough of each to cover the seat cushion and the back cushion. From memory, I bought just 1 metre of each design. Fabric was on sale, so, $8, for both. As a side item, I purchased the teal trim for about $5.

There you have it. My DiY chair recover/refurbish project for $28 - for everything! And the chairs are actually quite comfortable.

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  1. But I love these chairs! Don't recover them- they are awesome!

  2. These are so cool! You've got me thinking about what we can refurbish!

  3. Great writing style! You're fun to read. Love the candid five min part.
    I agree w/ not feeling commited to a redo. I think so many forget the projects never done. Something can always be repainted or even stripped again and again.