Thursday, February 17, 2011

I want your 2 cents!

If you follow my blog then you may remember the last time I asked for opinions on a piece I had. Usually items I find "speak" to me and that is what inspires me to determine colors, finishes...  Occasionally I find pieces and am not sure what to do with them. Well, here is one of those. 

I really like the rustic look to it. My own home is a sort of rustic cottage style. However, not sure that's the best fit for my shop or for this piece. I am thinking of painting it white (of course), but the large knot in the wood makes me nervous about that. The fact that the wood is burnt also makes me think that white may not be the best choice. 

So...should I do a white-wash finish or paint it another color: green, blue... or just leave it as is? Oh! By the way, it is a napkin holder that can also serve as a mail holder. Please comment with what you think.


  1. I was thinking of mail the entire time I read the post. What about painting it teal and do a whitewash over that and sand the whit to bring out the blue. Then maybe add a label to the front that could be swapped out for what the buyer/user wants.

  2. You could paint it cream, rub it down, then decorate it with vintage lace.:) I love your shop.

  3. I definitely wouldn't keep it as is. Was thinking that it would be pretty two-toned....perhaps the base white and the outer boards aqua or vice versa (rough it up a bit as well)