Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cute and Easy Tutorial: Storage

I love this idea because it is easy, fast, inexpensive, uses items you probably already have and in the end you have more storage. What more can we want, right?!

- glass jar (with a circumference of less than 12 inches)
- scissors
- ruler or tape measure
- pencil or pen
- decorative paper (long enough to go around the jar once)

Really, that's it!!

Find decorative paper that you love. (This is my favorite part.)

Measure the height of the jar where you will be placing the paper. Then mark that measurement across the paper longways. 

Cut the paper across following your pre-measured marks.

Roll the paper enough to fit it in the jar and place it inside.

That's it! You have a pretty jar to store office supplies, craft supplies... 

Be creative. Use vintage paper, wallpaper, comics, kids' art work...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hollywood Regency Decor

The new rage in home design is Hollywood Regency style. It really is what you would think from the name - stylish, over the top, dramatic design. Nothing plain and simple here.

Elements associated with Hollywood Regency:

Glitz and glitter and shiny surfaces like metallic finishes and glossy or lacquer-finish on furnishings.

Classic, yet glamorous designs.

Ornate details in light fixtures, furnishings and this checkered floor. I love this floor!

Fabrics in bold, but simple color and rich in texture.

Drama, don't forget the drama of Hollywood!

What do you think of Hollywood Regency style - love it, hate it or somewhere in between?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Side Table - Before and After

I found this side table in great structural shape, but it needed beautifying. First, it was filthy so I cleaned it up. 

I liked the cream color, so I repainted it cream, but gave it a boost with a robin's egg blue for the drawer.

I love how it turned out!