Friday, January 13, 2012

Hollywood Regency Decor

The new rage in home design is Hollywood Regency style. It really is what you would think from the name - stylish, over the top, dramatic design. Nothing plain and simple here.

Elements associated with Hollywood Regency:

Glitz and glitter and shiny surfaces like metallic finishes and glossy or lacquer-finish on furnishings.

Classic, yet glamorous designs.

Ornate details in light fixtures, furnishings and this checkered floor. I love this floor!

Fabrics in bold, but simple color and rich in texture.

Drama, don't forget the drama of Hollywood!

What do you think of Hollywood Regency style - love it, hate it or somewhere in between?


  1. I love anything Regency and 50's Hollywood! Glamorous!

  2. I don't care for it too much for my own home, but I admit I LOVE to see photos of stars' homes and fashions from the height of the Hollywood studio era. Some individual pieces in this look are wonderful, though!