Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grand Opening and Giveaway Celebration!

I am excited that a talented crafter and dietitian has combined her talents to create Mora Nutrition.  It is an Etsy shop where you can find food and kitchen accessories.  She makes 100% cotton dishcloths in beautiful colors, shopping bags, and menu lists with much more to come. 

This week in her shop, you will find great deals in celebration of her Grand Opening and she is doing a giveaway here, offering a free gift certificate to her shop!  But first, here is more about Kati, creator of Mora Nutrition...

Why Mora Nutrition Food & Kitchen Accessories? How did you come up with the name?

Let's face it, the name is NOT that creative!  In fact, my Etsy shop is merely an extension of my business Mora Nutrition and its name reflects that.  I have always had a passion for nutrition and love being crafty, so the ability to incorporate both into my career makes me incredibly happy.  Plus, they just seem to go together somehow.

How long have you been crocheting and why do you enjoy it?

I learned to crochet when I was 11 years old. My grandma use to take me with her to one of crochet classes at our local high school. I have been crocheting ever since; however, it wasn't until after the birth of my second son, Ben, that I became obsessed! Now I crochet all the time and find it to be such a calming experience.

What else do you sell in your shop?

I also feature paper products in my shop. All of the paper products I produce are forms that make eating healthier easier. This is a relatively new venture for me, but I love being able to provide people with the tools they need to do something great for themselves AND have them be cute along the way.

What is your favorite thing to make and why?

I enjoy making all of the products featured in my shop...BUT if I had to pick just one, I would probably say the mix and match dishcloths are my favorite. I love that I can make multiple color combinations with them and I love that they are so versatile. Everything else is a close second!

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

That I just auditioned for Oprah!  Yes, I submitted my audition video just this week for a chance to get my own television show.  I don't know if anything will come of it, but it sure was fun to make!  If you want to, check out my Oprah audition video.

And now for THE GIVEAWAY:

Win a $10.00 gift certificate toward products at Mora Nutrition on Etsy!

1. Open to U.S. residents only.
2. Ends Friday, July 2nd at midnight PST.
3. Winner will be chosen at random and contacted via information provided in comment entries on Saturday, July 3rd.
4. Each entry requires a separate comment.
5. Enter by:
    - Tweeting on Twitter about this giveaway.
    - Posting on Facebook about the giveaway.
    - Visit Mora Nutrition's Etsy shop and tell us what you would buy with the gift certificate.
    - Follow Kati on Twitter at @aroundtheplate
    - Become a friend on Facebook of aroundtheplate.

**Remember to post a separate comment for each entry.

Mora Nutrition's Links:
Etsy Shop:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Daughter's Treat of a Birthday

We recently celebrated my daughter's 3rd birthday. We went with a treat theme because I think it is cute and she didn't really care. Her only requirement was Strawberry Shortcake on her cupcakes.  She was so excited to have all of her cousins over to her house - just for her!

What's a party without balloons!?!  I went with pink, blue, and yellow and the kids were all happy to take one home when they left.

We had "sandwich bar" so that everyone could make their own sandwich and get something healthy before the treats that were to come.  I also made strawberry lemonade which was a big hit since we used strawberries from our garden.  I highly recommend it if you have them because they are so much more flavorful!

She enjoyed opening presents and was excited about all of the gifts she received. Dora was big this year, along with crocheted play food.

A birthday party also needs a pinata. Boy did the kids go after that candy! The adults were just thankful that no one was hurt.  Here are a couple of them diving for the candy.

And the cupcakes...They were too quick for me to get a picture before they were almost all eaten, but you get the idea. My daughter told me the cupcakes were her favorite part of her birthday.

She wore a cupcake dress that went perfectly with the party theme.

Everyone loved the "thank you" gifts. I bought this cake which is actually several boxes wtih lids. 

The kids were so excited to get "cake" after having cupcakes.

I filled the cake with treat-themed items: ice cream poppers (remember those?), cupcake bubbles, kaleidescope, crocheted cookie, cupcake soap, and ice cream bath fizz.  The ice cream poppers were definitely their favorite!

A very fun day with family and great weather too. Our big girl enjoyed it a lot.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Etsy Seller Feature

I found au clair de la lune's shop through the Etsyveg team of which we are both a part.  I have always liked her shop, but it has become one of my favorites.  I had to contact owner, Adrienne to learn more about her and her shop.  So, here is our conversation...

Tell me about what you do, the idea behind your shop.

Au clair de la lune is centered around conservation and all of the items in my shop are made from recycled fabrics. I find so many things compelling about using repurposed materials. There is of course the eco impact of not creating more. As a society we are so inundated by stuff and more stuff. I really like the idea of breaking that chain and trying to be as neutral as possible in my use of new materials. This cuts down not only on the creation of new stuff, but also the pesticides and fertilizers that would be used in creating new fabric, and it keeps old stuff out of landfills.

I also like the challenge of taking something that would otherwise be discarded and finding a way to make it beautiful and useful again. At times there seems to be such a folk art quality in using recycled materials, particularly with the use of found objects that find new purpose.

What other crafts/art do you enjoy that you don't sell in your shop?

Outside of the shop, I love to do arts and crafts with my kids. I’m already making plans for summer activities and projects. First on the list will be building the ultimate squirrel proof birdfeeder. Somehow tie-dye and mosaics always seem to happen every summer too. I also live in a very old house that will forever be a work in progress. All of my projects seem to share a pretty consistent green/repurpose theme.

What other job do you have (if any)?

Job #1 would definitely be keeping up with three very active kids, but I also teach English part-time at a local college. I find it an absolute luxury to spend entire class periods discussing a short story or poem. I hope my students feel the same way.

Do you sell anywhere other than etsy?

In addition to my etsy shop I sell in a few local boutiques here in Central Florida. One of my summer plans is to try out craft fairs.


What is your favorite part of having a shop?

I love having an outlet for my creativity. It can be very gratifying to really enjoy creating an item, see it fully realized in the shop, then get feedback from customers. An unexpected but very welcome benefit of having an etsy shop is the camaraderie that develops with the teams. I’ve met so many wonderful people!

What is the hardest part of having a shop?

Definitely the hardest part of having an etsy shop is time management. As an etsy seller, you are responsible for every aspect of the shop from creation, to photography, to marketing and promotion. It has taken me awhile to develop a rhythm for getting things done and I still struggle with the photos. I love to come up with ideas for new items and to sew, so it can also be tough to “turn it off” sometimes, especially because I work at home. There’s always one more project that I want to finish or start…


What is your favorite piece in your shop and why?

My favorite items always seem to be what I’m working on at the moment – which right now would be yoga bags. I also like the lunch rolls because not only are they eco-friendly because they are made out of recycled fabrics, but they serve an eco purpose in that they replace disposable napkins and flatware!


What would people be surprised to know about you?

I’m a pretty open book – no one who knows me would be shocked to learn about my NPR and chocolate addictions. I literally air my laundry (in the backyard, on a clothesline)! I do love mysteries in all shapes and forms – I listen to audio mysteries in my car, mystery theatre radio programs on-line while I sew, any mystery TV show, read the books – and I always try to solve the mystery before the detective, be it cat, caterer, or Perry Mason!

Thanks to Adrienne from auclairdelalune.  I hope everyone enjoys getting to know her as much as I did.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Blog Giveaway Winner!

I love doing giveaways and plan to do more soon.  Thanks to everyone who entered.  Our winner has been selected through a random drawing and that winner is...

Julie of Juliesparklybits!

Congratulations and if you didn't win this time, you will have more opportunities in giveaways coming soon.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Paper Crafting Free Giveaway!

After going through every inch of my craft room recently, I came across a large amount of scrapbooking supplies.  I put together this large assortment of what I am able to part with. (You should see what I'm keeping.) 

It was difficult, but here is the assortment up for grabs in this giveaway:
- paper
- cardstock
- stickers
- diecuts

Well over 100 pieces!  The winner will receive everything you see pictured here...

1. U.S. and Canada residents only.
2. One comment for each entry.
3. Enter by: 

  • following my blog
  • telling me your favorite item in my shop
  • tweeting about the giveaway (Twitter)
  • posting about the giveaway on your Facebook page or blog
  • buying something from my shop
4. Make sure you comment with your e-mail address or some other way that I can reach you if you win.
5. The winner will be selected at random from the qualifying entries.

**Remember - you must comment separately for each entry.**

Giveaway ends at 8:00am PST on Monday, June 7th, 2010.

Good Luck!