Thursday, February 3, 2011

Before and After: Guest Post

This Before and After features Paige, a guest blogger with a simple fix for a beautiful result. 

She started with a faux-wood mirror (that's right, not wood) that did not go with the decor in the room, so...well I'll let her explain.

Call this the lazy girl's way to re-paint something.  It won't work for every project (if you're dealing with a glossy finish, for example) but for my cheap faux-wood mirror, skipping the sandpaper and primer was the way to go.  I just applied three coats of paint with the foam brush.  I allowed drying time between each layer, and used even strokes to avoid brush marks.  

That's it.  Didn't even tape off the glass, though I kind of rolled the dice with that one.  Feel free to do so if you're worried about having a steady hand.

A beautiful end result that shows that we can refinish pretty much anything which means even less going into landfills and it can look amazing!  

Look at Paige's shop of feminine handmade and vintage jewelry - LittleWhiteChapel to see her other talent. You can also see more of her talent on her blog at:

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  1. Very nice! It's amazing how something as simple as paint can completely transform something. Good job!