Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Peek at ShabbyNChic's Creative Space

I love to feature artists' workspaces because I love to see them myself.  So I figured, why not share mine?  This is just a peek as I am still re-organizing my space.  I will share more in a future post.  This space is where I work on small projects, projects with detail, and it is where I store everything that is for sale in my shop.

my teacup collection

I have a space the size of a typical bedroom in the downstairs of our home.  Because it is downstairs, I had to use light, bright colors - mostly light green and white.  I love my white tab-top curtains - so simple and bright.  I love the shadow through the curtains on sunny days from the lavendar plant outside the window.  I put the same curtains over the closet where I store the items I'm selling in my shop.

Craft rooms/studios/office spaces easily get cluttered, like my slat back chair which is currently storing magazines that I need to go through.  No worries.  I do have another chair elsewhere in the room that I can actually sit in.  I love this chair that I found at an estate sale for $5.00!  It goes great with the old desk I got online for free.  I love bargains!

I tried to keep the decor simple, yet still welcoming and inspiring.  I found this great wicker shelf with drawers for storage for $1.00, but I should have taken pictures.  It was a serious 1970's orange.  I took care of that with a couple of coats of white paint.

I love this wooden box I found at a sale for $1.00.  I thought I heard the woman wrong when she told me it was a dollar, then I happily scooped it up!  It is more seating and when opened...

It is storage for my records. I love my records and I have to have music!

I love listening to music while I work.  My husband bought me this "vintage-looking" record player that can also play my cd's.  It sits on the table where I work.

I hope you've enjoyed this peak at my craft room.

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