Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Decorating

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I am excited about getting ready for it! I love Fall colors and incorporating them in the home for Thanksgiving festivities is ideal. Here are some of my favorite ideas...

Bring the outdoors in. 
Just go outside and look around at the all that Autumn brings us: pine cones, leaves, twigs, pumpkins... Create a vignette near the door to welcome guests.

Use what you have.
Be creative with what you have. I love this idea of a plant stand holding pots that can display flowers and hold all of your necessities for the big meal.

A statement doesn't have to be made with a lot of work, materials and mess. A row of pumpkins on a mantle definitely says Autumn and is something anyone can do.

Incorporate vintage and antiques that have been in the family. 
Fill vintage candy dishes and glass jars with nuts. Set a row of old dishes across the back of your mantle or a shelf and place Fall colored leaves in front. It gives Thanksgiving and old-fashioned feel and reminds us of family.

Add color. 
We all think of orange when we think of Thanksgiving and Fall, but you could do an all yellow table or all purple. Pick any color or combination of colors you love and gather whatever you can find to create a table that is warm and inviting for your guests.

Remember the meaning. 
Thanksgiving is about being thankful. For me, it always goes back to family and friends. Set out photocopies of pictures of family and friends who will be with you on Thanksgiving and those who cannot. It makes for a great conversation starter.

Think about your centerpiece.
When thinking of decorating for Thanksgiving, a lot of thought goes into the centerpiece since a lot about Thanksgiving revolves around the dinner table. My biggest pet-peeve about centerpieces is when they are too tall, thus making it impossible to converse with the person across the table without standing up. Think about scale and it doesn't have to be a bouquet. I love the simplicity of this idea of stacking tea cups and saucers and accenting with richly-colored roses.
Wishing you and yours a fabulous day of thanks on Thanksgiving!

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  1. This year I decided not to carve my pumpkins so that they wouldn't turn to mush before Thanksgiving... I love the idea of having them across the fireplace mantle too, yay! :)