Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Trip to the Oregon Garden

Although I live just 30 minutes from the Oregon Garden, I only recently made my first trip there. I am so glad I went. I love gardening, gardens, flowers...and this was a treat!

With over 20 specialty gardens and features there was more than enough to see and enjoy. Upon arriving we immediately took a tram around the park to get a quick tour of the grounds before exploring on foot.

The water garden was one we enjoyed the most because it is very unique. They have a water monster and a rock-climbing fish! We saw large fish which was neat, but one was literally getting about 2/3 of its body out of the water climbing the rock wall surround, probably with a food motivation. We watched that little guy for several minutes - quite entertaining!

Here's the monster that lurks in the water. My kids love the attraction, but don't worry - my 4 year-old swears it's not real.

If you have kids, the Children's Garden is wonderful! It is a bit of a resting spot for adults and there is an excavating sand box area for the kids, a rabbit hole, a ship and so much more.

My kids loved all of it and were especially intrigued by the large train set-up they have. I think they could have stayed there and chased that train for an hour.

I love this flower pot family. I am thinking we need to make a flower pot person for the small children's garden we created this past summer at our house.

One of my favorite finds was the creative use of household items in the garden. They have a complete bathroom...

...and a real flowerbed.

That day we saw trees (including a 400 year-old Signature Oak), flowers, water features, birds, fish, small snakes (my daughter's favorite). It was definitely worth the trip! I can't wait to see it in the Spring.


  1. I love the flower pot people! And that flower bed is so cool framed in like that, I might have to steal that idea! Love it. ;)

  2. Thanks so much for visiting! We're so glad you and your kids enjoyed yourselves, and hope you'll come back and visit us again soon!