Sunday, October 9, 2011

Before and After

It's been awhile since I have posted and I thought I would start back with a Before and After project since those are so much fun to see. I found this small shelf and it was dirty and has sealer spilled on it, but it was a cute and sturdy piece of furniture. 

When my 4 year-old saw it she said, "Mommy, this looks icky. You should paint it." And yes, I did!

I chose turquoise because you really can't go wrong with that color, especially recently. 

What do you think? It's now for sale in my new booth at a local antique shop.

I think it would look precious with pink items on it or a collection of white milk glass.


  1. I love Blue, I paint everything Blue haha!

  2. I love that shade of blue, it's so sweet! Fun to see you blogging again too, yay! ;)