Friday, January 7, 2011

My Favorite Things...

A new feature on my blog this year is "My Favorite Things". This is where I will write about items I have and love. I could live without these things, but I wouldn't want to! The two items I have featured here are perfect for the currently cold winter weather.

The first is fleece pajamas. I have two sets and I love them because they are extemely warm and soft! These are the warmest, softest pajamas I have ever owned. My favorite of the two I own has a black and white damask print, but I love this simple pink set too. Thankfully fleece pajamas are quite popular this year, so you can get them just about anywhere in any price range.

My other favorite item is also featured for its warmth. They are these soft, comfortable boots that match with just about everything. I like this darker brown color as they won't show dirt as easily as the lighter tan color. I also bought the shorter fit because I'm not very tall and they seem less cumbersome to me. Wear them over your skinny jeans or under your bootcut jeans. I wear these boots almost everyday - when I'm not working. (I have not yet found a way to make these look right with dress slacks and a blouse.) They feel like you are wearing slippers. Finally, a pair of shoes you won't want to kick off right when you get home!

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