Thursday, January 20, 2011

Behind the Scenes with Glynt Pottery

I recently discovered the beautiful pottery of Graciela from Glynt Pottery. I love seeing the workspaces of creative people and I really love sharing them!  And amazing work comes from this studio, especially when you consider the size of the space: 10 x 10 feet.  

Every available wall surface has shelves to hold everything, from pieces in various stages of drying or waiting to be glazed, to towels, to underglazes and molds. 

The kiln sits at the back of the studio with clearance from the walls as required.

On the wall by the front (under the window), she has a 6 ft carpenter's table with a mini slab roller on top and a sturdy piece of wood to serve as additional table space when the slab roller is not in use.

Graciela says “I love my window because it lets in so much sunlight!” That has to be my favorite thing about this space as well. What a smart spot to put a workspace!

She adds, “I have a deck in front of the studio so that, on nice days I can throw open the doors and increase the size of my work space. Picnic tables on the deck allow me to set work down to dry and do my glazing there. We've run a hose from the house around the back of the building and connected it to an old sink by the side of the studio so I don't have to go into the house when I need water (except in winter when I do get warm water from the house).”

I can imagine it now!


  1. what a great place to create! :)

  2. I love seeing the space other artists play in! Great post!

  3. Many thanks for the feature! And thanks LaAlicia, Jenni and Michael for your comments!