Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Art on a Budget

My most recent project for my own home was a photograph of a door in Europe taken by a woman I met at an art/craft fair.  She sells her photographs at very low prices currently, so I got this 8x10 for $4.00.  I know - unbelievable!  I had a rustic wood frame that I thought would be just perfect for the photograph.  I found the frame at a rummage sale months earlier for $1.00!  It had a picture of the 3 Stooges in it, but I could look past that to see the frame...that was what I wanted.  Now I just needed matting for it.  I went to a framing store and was surprised to find that they didn't have a cream or beige matting for my 8x10 photo.

So I went home disappointed, then realized that I already had what I needed.  I had matting that would fit in just the right color in a frame that I wanted to refinish anyway.  So that was no additional cost - we love free!  So for a grand total of $5.00 I have this beautiful photograph and frame on my wall and have received so many compliments on it.

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