Monday, October 4, 2010

A Fun and Fabulous Studio!

The talented and multi-faceted Rebecca of Phoenix Art Studio on Etsy has been kind enough to share her glamorous work space.  Rebecca has been painting her entire life and completed a BFA in Illustration from Ringling School of Art and Design.  I have always loved stories and have a large collection of fairy tales from all over the world. I find them fascinating! 

This love of stories is what eventually led me to theatre and costume design. While I had always made necklaces and things as a kid, I think that this was my first official venture into accessory design. After that, jewelry making was a way for me to convert my artwork into something wearable.

Her creativity is just as visible in her work space. Rebecca's love for the Art Nouveau period is quite apparent in the decor, especially the stained glass.  I love the baroque style mirror she uses for self-portraits and the pink on the walls looks energizing and sure to get those creative juices flowing!  Gretel is the puppet behind the easel.  Rebecca made her a few years ago during her time as a costume designer.


Since she often has many different projects going on at once, Rebecca has two different tables in her studio as well as an easel. The table by the window is a drafting table and is often used for her watercolor paintings and ACEOs while the large table is used for her polymer clay work. The easel is used for her larger paintings. Because it is a rather small room, she placed everything around the perimeter and away from the center to keep the space open.

I asked Rebecca to share some organization tools she uses in her work space.  Here are a few:

1. Above my drafting table I keep a "project board" that holds ideas, sketches and  inspiration for pieces that I'm working on.

2. I keep a large portion of my painting/drawing supplies in a single drawer tower. Everything is labeled for quick access (brushes, colored pencils, watercolors and drawing supplies, pastels, charcoal, etc...)
3. Keep frequently used books and flat materials handy. I keep mine on this shelving unit: watercolor and drawing papers, jewelry catalogues and reference books.

When asked what makes her work unique, Rebecca said "I love antiquities and spend hours scouring though antique shops looking for treasures, but the one thing that I realize I love most about ancient artifacts is that they have a preciousness to them. So much detail! You can tell that so much time and effort and love was put into these pieces. That is what I try to do with my work. Create something precious.

Something that you can tell has hours of work placed into it and a lot of love. I think that this is what makes my work unique. Whether it's a small miniature painting you can wear around your neck, a meticulously painted and beaded polymer pendant, or a detailed ACEO. Whatever it is, I put my entire heart and soul into it and am not afraid to take that extra time for the little details that make it special."

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  1. amazing! I really like that and how she organize. Love the room!

  2. What a talented artist! Great feature!