Monday, September 27, 2010

My Collection: Tea Cups and Saucers

I don't know why I haven't shared these before, but I collect and adore tea cups and saucers.  My collection started when I was 16 years-old.  My angelic grandmother passed away and I was given this dainty cup and saucer with purple flowers that had belonged to her.  I didn't drink tea or have a desire to, but I loved my grandmother dearly so this became a very meaningful posession.  It is Bone China called Sweet Violets from the Royal Albert Collection.

I was also given this cup and saucer when my other grandmother passed away.  It is not a family tradition, just coincidence.  This one is larger and more stout than the other.  For years, these were the extent of my collection.

In recent years I started really looking at tea cup and saucer sets at antique shops, estate and garage sales and anywhere else I could find them.  I love the shape, the flowers, the pretty handles...  These two are pretty ones I found a couple of years ago - both Bone China.

Ironically, I never drank tea until about a year ago and now I am hooked!  I drink black tea every morning with breakfast, another tea with caffiene mid-day, and usually a cup of chamomille tea in the evening before bed.  Also ironically, I have yet to have a cup of tea in any of my collected tea cups.

This is my most recent set I received from a friend.  It is Summer from the Duchess Collection.  She knows me!  I love the dainty sets the most and there is something about pink and yellow that I love!

Finally, one of my favorites because it is a 3-piece set which I think is rare (but don't really know) and I found these pieces at two different sales over the same summer.  With all of the gold, it is a bit gaudier than what I usually like, but I love that it has 3 matching pieces to it.  It is Phoenix Bone China, made in England.

Perhaps one day I will actually have a cup of tea in one of my tea cups - imagine!


  1. I LOVE your collection!!! I collect tea cups (and teapots) too and love to have tea parties! Sometimes I use a matching tea set and sometimes I set out the different cups and let everyone choose the one they want!

  2. You have a wonderful collection! I have several sets but not enough room to display them..sigh!
    Thank you so much for sharing them.

    I have a wonderful set of VTG Wade Porcelain in my shop for sale. I hope someone who loves them like I do is the one who buys them!

  3. I am a teacup collector too ... startting very much the same way, my grandmother passed on pieces of her collection. I haven't been able to find any groups or forums or anything like that where teacup collectors can chat and learn more, but if you hear anything, let me know!