Friday, September 3, 2010

Upcycle Your Baking Pans

If you're like me, you don't like throwing things away.  I often have items that I know I could use for something else, but sometimes have to think for awhile about what to do with them.  Here are several ideas of how to reuse or upcycle your baking pans.

Cookie sheets can double as serving trays.  It's as simple as putting a pretty napkin over it and setting the goodies on top.

Cookie sheets also make great magnet boards!  If your looks a little less than something you want to hang in your home, just clean it thoroughly and paint with silver spray paint.  That's what I did with this one which was pretty well used beforehand.

Bread pans are very versatile!  They are perfect for storing office supplies in a drawer or on a desk surface.  They would also work great in a junk drawer or to organize drawers in your kitchen or bathroom.

Larger bread pans can also store mail or stationery.  These could also be spray painted and one could get quite creative with the colors!  Think of the savings (economical and ecological) when you reuse pans rather than buying a new container at the store.

Here is a very creative upcycle use for a cake pan by MCDB on Etsy.

Muffin tins can be very useful! They are perfect for holding small items such as:
- jewelry
- beads
- buttons
- hair accesories...

The possibilities are endless!  Feel free to comment with your ideas for more upcycle uses for baking pans.


  1. Awesome ideas...muffin pans are great for sorting my beads or little succulent plantings.

  2. Great idea! thanks for sharing!

    I am hoping to have my own home in the near future and I will be on a very strict budget so looking around for things like this to make my house a home is just what I want!

    Also I do a lot of crafts and make jewellery so using a bun pan to keep beads in one place is also an idea that I'm going to take!

    I have seen something similar that included painting pretty designs on old bakeware so I guess you need to be adventurous and try different techniques!

    Thanks again

    Love Teri xx

  3. What a cool and innovative idea! I actually love using different tin cans and jars for holding my hair accessories. :)