Friday, October 15, 2010

A True Crafter's Storage Solutions

Owner of both a jewelry and supply shop: somewearintyme and SquidooInk clearly enjoys crafting: jewelry, scrapbooking, knitting and more!  Organization is a challenge for anyone, but this dual shop owner has some creative solutions that she was kind enough to share. 

Her yarn fills 2 baskets which contain the yarn and look great!

Lights decorate this green framed cork board which holds her finished necklaces and bracelets. "I just use a push pin...and hang the chain over it."

My favorite has to be this pretty memory board which holds her completed earrings.  They slip behind the ribbon and don't get tangled up anywhere - a great solution!

Finally, the is right in front of a large window which is endlessly inspiring.

Everything is at the tip of her fingers while maintaining plenty of workspace.  I love the chair and had to know the story behind it.  Her mother found it... 

"It's the original fabric and lace and the wood around it is solid cherry wood.  We've had to fix the bottom recently because the original burlap,  had finally fallen apart.  As my mom and I peeled the hand tied metal bits back low and behold beneath it was hand sprung coils and it was stuffed with horse hair!  So we put on fresh burlap, and I in my stash had some old vintage nails...and used that to hammer it closed." 

A beautiful work space that shows that organization doesn't just have to be functional.  Her work space is just at beautiful as her work!

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  1. Thank you! <3 I love it :) The photos look so much cooler here on your blog then on the camera ^^