Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring in Full Bloom!

Spring is my favorite season! Here in Oregon we get a full view of each season, but those flowers blooming and leaves back on the trees that appeared dead for months are glorious year after year.

The other day I went around our yard and took pictures of all of the beautiful blooming flowers I could find.  We have tulips, lilacs, and even a Cherry Blossom tree which is one of the newest additions to our yard.  I can only imagine what it will look like when it is 15 feet tall!

After 3 years growing in our backyard, this is the first time we have seen flowers on our lilacs which is also quite exciting.

I don't know what this bright gold-yellow floral bush is called, but I was told it is native to Oregon and to always keep it.  I don't have to be convinced.  It is the center of attention from our back window as it is in full, bright bloom like this for several weeks and one of our first blooms for the season.

 While wandering around the yard, looking at flowers, of course I ran into a bee...well not literally.  I found it in this small, bright bunch of bright purple flowers.  Can you spot it?

Of course I love tulips! Who doesn't?  There are so many colors and varieties.  Right now we have a deep purple, red, and this pale yellow that has a touch of pink to it.  I am hoping to add more to our yard this year in the areas that lack early Spring color.

  I am now looking forward to a flourishing vegetable garden and late Spring and Summer blooms which are already starting: Azaleas, Delphinium (my favorite), and roses.  Happy gardening!


  1. A lovely garden tour! I am so envious, I grew up in Vancouver so I am used to having the lilacs and cherry blossoms in April - out east we're just starting in on the daffodils and crocuses!

    I like that yellow bush too - we had one growing up, and I don't know what it is either but I have a memory of my grandfather making a hair wreath for me out of it. :o)

  2. Wow! Just beautiful. Lovely, lovely garden.

  3. oh how lovely! I'm in Kent, UK, and our bluebells are just starting to come out, not as far advanced as yours. We have that yellow shrub here too, but I don't know what it is either!

  4. congrats on your lilac blooms ~ so pretty! Here's to hoping we get more sunny days ahead!

  5. Yep, it is wonderful spring in Oregon, I've been clicking photos like crazy before the rain bashes everything in the garden this week :(

    Love your photos, I can smell the lilac :) T.