Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tutorial - Antique Doors

So online I came across someone selling a bunch of old doors from an older home being remodeled. I snagged 4 (all we could fit in the truck) and brought them home. I was excited about the possibilities, but not sure what I was actually going to do with them.

Our downstairs hallway is very wide - about 5 feet and on one side we have the water heater and the home's heating system. It is all exposed and not at all cute. So my use for the doors was born!

Making a trifold screen using antique doors:

1. Start with 3 doors and pick the sides you want exposed. I love the old hardware, so I chose the sides with hardware showing. Set them up (with help as they are heavy wood) and make sure they are in the order you will want them.

2. Leave the old hinges on, but attach new hinges so that you can connect the doors to make the screen. Make sure the hinges are strong and facing the right way for the fold of the screen. *So that they blend well, you can "age" your new hinges before you put them on. Use stain or paint - lots of ideas online.

3. Once the hinges and doors are connected, stand them up (with help again) and put into place.

4. Optional* You can hang pictures or shelves for an even more decorative touch.


  1. neat project! those doors are so cool

  2. That's so cool!! All that space to paint beautiful pictures on! I can just see it now!