Saturday, June 6, 2009


We don't get a lot of crazy weather here in Oregon, but we went from several days in the 80's to an intense thunderstorm that hit suddenly and even a small tornado. This just doesn't happen here. Our gutters overflowed as I tried to get a picture of the strong storm. It actually made for a pretty neat picture. I am ready for the weather to clear up now though.


  1. I was kind of digging the thunder and lightning though. That storm did down a couple of the smaller trees in the area, which was a bummer, but nothing major in my neck of the woods, fortunately.
    And honestly, we just planted a new lawn over a week ago, and the rain was kind of welcome. :o)
    I am a lover of the sun too, so I'll be happy to see it again!

  2. We had crazy weather last week (read, blecky). I hope you get some sun soon!

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  4. CA has had some weird weather for June, too. It is usually gray, but we don't usually have thunderstorms this time of year.