Thursday, June 18, 2009

Decorate on a Budget!

Who has an endless budget for decorating? I know I don't and if you don't either, perhaps you will find this post inspiring. Garage/yard/estate sales - here we come!!!

So I got to decorate our guest room anyway I wanted, and I knew I was going all out girly! I love Mary Englebreit, so that was my inspiration. I had a few pieces that I had received as gifts (free) and went from there! See below my great finds:

Green desk/vanity - sofa table purchased for $8.00, paint $.50! The chair was $5.00 and the clock I found on clearance at Target for $3.00. Curtains free from mother-in-law, pictures $5.00 for both.
TOTAL: $21.50!

Table = $2.00 (craigslist)
Futon = $150 (reg. $800; knew store employee)
Pictures = $3.00 (garage/estate sales)
Rug = $10.00 (Ikea sale)

TOTAL = $265.00!

Wall shelf = $2.00 (garage sale)
Knick-knacks = $10.00 (gifts/garage sales)
Candle holders = $5.00 (garage sale)
Candles = $4.00 (Habitat for Humanity store)
Antique stool = $1.00 (estate sale)
Coasters = $2.50 (antique/gift shop)
TOTAL = $24.50!

Framed pictures = $20.00 for both (gift shop)
Table = $3.00 (garage sale)
Accessories = $1.25 (garage sales)
Old Wooden Toy Box = $3.00 (garage sale)
Wicker Coffee Table = $8.00 (garage sale)
3-wick Candle = $3.00 (retail clearance)
Plate = $1.00 (retail clearance)
TOTAL = $39.25

This is just part of our guest suite. The other room has 2 beds (free from a friend), clearance bedding ($45.00 for both beds), a wicker side table = $5.00 garage sale find, lamp = $1.00 (garage sale), and wall decor = $12.00 (all garage sales).

Find a theme or colors, then hit the sales! Happy shopping!


  1. wow, great deals and such cute stuff!! I am inspired to keep thrifting!

  2. Wow, wonderful finds! Don't you just love finding these great things at estate sales and charity shops. It's always a little thrill to get something quality for a fraction of the retail price. Your guests have a lovely room to stay in.

  3. Such great finds! The room looks great! Isn't it funny how women can remember how much we paid for things and exactly when/where we got them?
    I love that =)