Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Children are Sponges

We have to remember that our children are always watching us and learning from us (good or bad).

So the other day I walked into the kitchen and caught my 6 year-old son taking pictures of his legos. When I asked what he was doing, he said "I'm taking pictures of my creations."

It's exactly what I do! He created many things from his legos, then took pictures of them. He wants to print them to put in his little album, but I just had to blog about it.

**DISCLAIMER: His creations are not for sale.


  1. oh but id love one of these! they are gorgeous!

  2. What a smart boy , he did a good job !

  3. That is so darling! He really did take good pictures. All kinds of angles and stuff. Good color and shadow. Impressive. Would he take my pictures, do you think?? :)

  4. How sweet! My kiddos do the same thing, they always want to take pictures so they can "edit" them. I am slowly trying to be better at letting them do that. Kids are so great!
    (Just browsing through Oregon blogs and came across yours, I will definitely be checking back!)

  5. He does do quite well. ;) I am trying to work with him on lighting and holding the camera still...

  6. Too adorable! I future Etsian for sure!!