Friday, November 12, 2010

My Autumn Garden

Autumn, Fall...whatever you want to call it... Even though it is getting cold and raining more and more, I still love it!  How can you not love the beautiful colors we only see for a short time during this season?!

Even the Japanese Maple trees that are a bright reddish-purple all year change color in the Fall. The red they display now is incredibly bright!

My favorite is Nandina - I have 4 of these shrubs throughout my yard. The leaves are various colors all year-round and this season is no exception. This is a picture of one of my less mature Nandina shrubs.  Isn't it cute?

My favorite picture I have from the Autumn season this year is definitely this one!  My 3 year-old spotted this rainbow after a real downpour and am I glad she did!  It is so beautiful coming up from behind the trees with varying colors of leaves.  I hope you enjoy it too!


  1. Beautiful garden...the rainbow is an added treat!

  2. Stopped by to read and subscribe to your blog. Thanks for the add on twitter! Hope your weekend is profitable. Sounds like a lot of pricing still to do... best wishes...

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