Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The End of Summer

A blog post I am not excited to write, but is necessary...  Summer is coming to an end and as sad as it is, I em enjoying reflecting and remembering all of the fun times we had!  With family and sometimes friends, we enjoyed so many fun activities.  Perhaps this is why it's so sad to see it end.

I will remember the fun activities with the kids.

They visited children's museums.

They went to a fun park and played miniature golf for the first time.

I will remember ALL of the baseball games...

...and my daughter's obsession with the team mascott.

My son was more interested in collecting balls, bats, and autographs from the players.

We also had a lot of projects...many of which are still not complete.  The kids finally got their dad to build that fort they've been talking about for years. 

It just needs paint now. Thank goodness we still have a couple more weeks!

I will also miss the simplicity of summer: barbecuing, picnics, trips to the park, flowers, bugs, fresh fruits and vegetables...  I hope you enjoyed your summer too!

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  1. Looks like you had a great summer! I am holding out til September 1 to officially 'call it,' but I know it's coming!