Sunday, August 8, 2010

Before and After

I love before and after pictures of projects and post as many of mine as I can.  I don't always remember to take the before shot and sometimes get too excited to get to work that I miss the before picture.  Well here are a few that I did get...

I found this shelf at a thrift shop for $15.  It is wood and is exactly the size I was looking for for my daughter's room.  So I cleaned it up (a lot), primed it and painted it a fresh coat of white and it looks brand new.  It is now full of her toys and she is very proud that her "Mommy did it".

An item that is now in my shop is this pretty vintage tissue holder that I painted white and distressed.  It was tempting to leave it, but it was a bit rough.  A good amount of the gold was damaged and there was this old tape that I had to remove from all 4 corners of the top - that took awhile!

Tissue Holder at ShabbyNChic

Finally, a shelf that was unfinished and just needed some paint.  I decided on a creamy white as it goes with almost any decor style and any color palette.  Amazing what a couple of coats of paint will do!  This is also currently in my shop.

Creamy White Shelf at ShabbyNChic


  1. I love before and after pictures too!
    I actually do something similar with a lot of my art, more in process pictures :)

    I love that tissue holder! It's really pretty :)

  2. I always forget to take before shots of my projects! Yours look great :))

  3. The diagonal angle is nice. And before and after pictures are fun -- but difficult to do with miniature items and a disposable camera. Pictures have been holding me back from actually getting set up on Etsy. (Some very small items will photograph nicely directly on a scanner -- others, no.) It's a nice sunny day, though, with enough sun coming through the west-facing windows that I probably won't need a flash. (I found my way over to this blog from Twitter, where I have a different identity -- er, name.)