Thursday, November 19, 2009

Craft Fair Tips for Reducing Costs

In honor of the craft fair I have coming up this weekend, I have decided to finally blog about what I have learned already.  The focus is Saving Money when preparing to do a craft fair.  The costs add up (I learned), so you have to save where you can!  My first stop?  Our local dollar store! 

I found white paper bags with handles in different sizes...cost = 2/$1.00.  I then bought some tissue paper to place inside, hole punch, and tape ($1.00 each - dollar store, remember?).  I then used ribbon I already had to tie my business cards to the bag handles.  Total cost was less than $0.60/bag.  *I use small white or colored paper bags for smaller items.

Next, I needed pieces to display my creations on in my booth.  I called family and friends for table cloths to cover my ugly tables.  Cost = free and some I was told I could keep!  So my tables looked good, but I need to go vertical.  I found this shelf on craigslist and paid $5.00 for it, then painted it white with paint I already had sitting in the garage.

Last 2 ideas (for now):
  • a coupon holder to hold your cash so that you can sort it by amount and not have to search for change ($1.00 at...yep - the dollar store!

  • business card holder from a garage sale = $1.00!

I am very happy with my finds, but am always looking for new ideas.  Feel free to leave your ideas here to share with others!


  1. Coupon holder! Brilliant!!

    I am doing a big 2-day craft show this weekend in Seattle. I normally use a cheap "pencil holder" pouch (like the kind that kids snap into their 3-ring binders) for my loose cash but it is large - and the coupon holder will fit right in my apron pocket! You're a genius! And I happen to have one sitting in the junk drawer of my kitchen!

    Thanks for the tips. I'll be blogging about my craft show experience next week. :)

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I have a show coming up later in the year and have never done one before.

  3. Great ideas !! Thank you for posting your suggestions: I have never had a show but maybe next year I will have one.... and I am a little bit scared about all the things I will have to prepare .... and furniture I have to use .... and so on !!!! Your suggestions are really good!

  4. Wonderful suggestions! My lifesaver when setting up is my survival box (i.e. tape, stapler, trash bags, alligator clips, sticky tack, wipes, etc). Happy Crafting! LBsSewingSanity.Etsy.Com