Friday, October 16, 2009

ReUse Tip for Spray Painting

Often when I am spray painting I like to elevate the item I am painting. One reason is that the piece being painted can end up stuck to the paper or cardboard beneath. I use the cap from the spray paint can itself to elevate the piece.

Usually 2 caps are enough, but you can use more as needed. Simply spread them out to the edge of where you will be placing to item to be spray painted, then place the item on top and paint. Once it is dry, turn it over and spray paint the other side.

*I have even used these under the corners of furniture to be able - to paint to the base of a table, chair or dresser. It works great! Happy painting!


  1. Great tip - sometimes it's those simple things that make the job easier.
    Elena :)

  2. Good idea! Because yes, you do sometimes need to have a piece off the ground.

  3. Great tip! I usually use an old piece of wood.