Thursday, October 8, 2009

Final Blooms of Fall

Sadly, summer has come to an end and we are now seeing some of the final blooming flowers of Fall here in Oregon. Excited to have these beautiful pictures up on my blog so that I can look at them through the Winter which can be depressing here where the skies are grey for months straight.

Beautiful blue skies and the sun shining today, along with these beautiful blooms inspired me to take some pictures which I may print and frame for a special place in our home.

And Fall is here: the leaves are changing - gold, yellow, orange, red, and some still green. The beauty of the season is everywhere this time of year.

(Please excuse the yard - we are redoing our lawn.)

*I own rights to all pictures in this post.


  1. What beautiful pictures!! How nice to have God's wonder right outside your window.

  2. Beautiful blossoms! I looked at my rose bushes last week knowing that was it until next May. Such vibrant colors and within days, they were gone.

    I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend filled with God's blessings!

  3. What beautiful and colorful blooms. I will miss summer too, but actually am ready for winter, we has such a hot humid summer. lol

  4. Hey Jody, I am with you on having as many photos of our beautiful flowers around to help us thru the gloomy months we have to look forward too :(