Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Great Find!

So I am a bargain hunter and I LOVE garage sales. I find most of the pieces I redo at garage/yard/estate sales. If you follow me on IndiePublic you know that in addition to the small home decor items I sell on Etsy, I also refinish large furniture pieces and sell them locally. So I was ecstatic when I found this great dresser.

I wish I had a "before" picture because it was in sad shape. I really only rubbed it down with some Old English and it looks beautiful. So I had planned to sell it, but changed my mind when after I bought my first laptop. I came home from work to my husband letting me know that my 2 yr. old had gotten ahold of a black marker and colored all over my laptop. (Thankfully he was able to clean it all off.) Not wanting that to happen again, I decided I needed somewhere safe for my computer. Then I realized it was sitting in my garage!

So we moved it into the bedroom and now I have more room for clothes (which is always nice - right ladies?) and a safe place for my computer. And how much was this dresser? That's the best part - it was only $4.00!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog and I am glad you were able to get this up and running! How do you manage kids and 3 PT jobs, you must be superwoman! :) Have a great weekend, T.

  2. What a Deal! This turned out gr8! Very well done.

    Kim from lilacsndreams:)

  3. You can't beat $4.00 for a piece of furniture! I love when something is basically in good shape and just needs a face lift or a little TLC. Nice piece!

    I also wanted to come over and let you know {to answer a question you left} that you can follow me through the "Follow Blog" button on the Blogger banner that is above my banner. That's what I click on when I follow. Thanks! Going to check out your etsy shop.