Sunday, August 30, 2009

Craft Fair Display

Here are pictures of the set-up of my booth from my first solo craft fair. There is a lot to learn every time we do something new and craft fairs are no different. So here is my somewhat humorous look at what I learned in the form of a top 5 list. Enjoy!!!

Top 5 Lessons from my 1st Solo Craft Fair:

5. You can tell who does fairs often and who doesn't by how quickly they set up. (If you are new at craft fairs, it takes longer to set up than you think.)

4. When taking into account weather, wind counts in the weather category and can greatly affect the set-up of your booth. (Did you see the giveaway on my blog?)

3. Help is good! Have a friend or family member come by to check if you need a bathroom or food break (and help set up and take down if possible).

2. Pack inventory well - unfortunately stuff breaks and/or gets damaged.

And the #1 lesson I learned about craft fairs...

1. Select your location carefully! (Yes, those are toilets for slightly disabled people in the background.) I set up my booth BEFORE the person next to me. To my delight, toilets were among what they were selling and I have no idea how that happened at a CRAFT fair.

*Coming soon: A list of what worked well. Yes some things went great and I will share those too!


  1. Well, I had to laugh when I saw the potty chairs!

    What luck!

    We do learn about set up as we go. My parents bought me a hge tub with wheels on one end to haul something in the back of a truck. When I got home I thought what will I ever do with that huge tub....Ha! That is my haul it all tub for shows! I get evertthing in it but the bables and shelves and it rolls! It is not the easiest thing to pull and it gets heavy, but it works!

    Thanks for posting on my Blog Blast thread!
    I'll be following your blog and I hope you will do the same!

  2. those toilettes made me confused haha, how did THAT happen?

  3. Brilliant!
    The bathroom break was my first big lesson, I finally roped in a colleague to help me out who was visiting the market :-)

  4. Your display looks great! It used to take me forever to set up, but it gets faster the more you do it. Did you have a good crowd?

  5. Maybe they thought it was a "crap" fair. Hence the potties.

  6. I hope your day was successful! Looks like the weather was wonderful! Great post :)

  7. Those toilets are a did they get into a craft fair???
    The most important question did you do sales-wise?

  8. Great tips to keep in mind for the day I finally get to sell at a craft fair :D

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