Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am still very excited about my newest addition to my store which I blogged about recently. It has been quite a hit, so here is my "How-To".

1. Start with an old frame or a few if you want to make a set. They do not need to have glass as you need to remove the glass anyway. *Finally a great use for those old frames!

2. Sand the frames so they are ready to paint. Prime, then paint. You will probably need 2 coats of paint. I usually use either white or cream - whichever matches better with the fabric I am using.

3. Once the paint is completely dry, distress the frame until you are pleased with how it looks. I like to use a sander block.

4. Now, select the fabric you want and carefully choose the exact section of fabric you want in your frame. Cut the fabric about 3/4 inch larger on each side than the cardboard piece in the frame.

5. You will lay the fabric good side down and, using hot glue, adhere the back edges of the fabric to the back of the cardboard.

6. Once the glue is dry, put it in the frame and take a moment to bask in the beauty of what you have created.

7. Finally, add decorative paper to the back and hanging hardware. If your frame already has hanging hardware, you can cut around it to add the finishing decorative paper (see picture). I use white glue for this step.

*Options: You can choose different colors for the frames and different styles and textures for the fabric. You can also leave the glass in, but I find it dulls the colors of the fabric.


  1. Love it. I also have cool fabric in circle hoops so this will totally look wonderful at my place. Great ideas!

  2. Another great Re-use idea Renee. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful frames, I've have some painting projects that I need to get at.