Friday, May 22, 2009

Artist Feature - RoseRidgeCreations

I am excited to present my first artist feature on an Etsy seller. I had an easy time choosing who I wanted to feature first. RoseRidgeCreations is a shop full of beautiful items that I could only dream of creating: quilted bags, purses, items for baby and your dog! If you love shabby chic, you'll love RoseRidgeCreations!

Rhonda of RoseRidgeCreations has been sewing since
the early 70's, but has only been able to sew full time since her former employer terminated her employment in March due to the current economic situation. She decided to make lemonade (pink lemonade) out of lemons and look at the situation positively and use her time to start her Etsy business.

Over the years she was told many times that to do her craft for a living, but could never see quitting a lucrative job to pursue a risky venture. Well, they say everything happens for a reason and our current economy happened just in time to be the catalyst she needed to make a leap of faith.

Her love of quilted and floral fabrics brightens my day
every time I visit her shop and that is Rhonda's goal. She hopes that RoseRidgeCreations will brighten
someone else's day as it brightens the way toward her new future. See more of these beautiful designs at:


  1. I love RoseRidge Creations! The shop is lovely, and Rhonda is such a sweet, supportive person. Great choice for your first artist profile!

  2. Thank you - I do love her beautiful, high-quality creations.