Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Craft Room Storage

Storage is fun for me and I love the challenge of making it functional and cute (or at least not ugly). Craft rooms often require creative storage because craft spaces tend to be small and those of us who craft have a lot of supplies! In addition to supplies we still need space to actually craft. So here are some ideas that work for me... 

I love glass jars and received these in my favorite color from a friend. They are perfect for small items like lace, loose ribbon and glue sticks. They are clear so you can easily see inside, but since they are colored what's inside doesn't look cluttered.


I love vintage and antique items so I use them as much as I can. I found this old juice bottle and use it to store my wooden clothespins.


It is easy to get a little out of control with supplies and having more than needed. I don't need that much ribbon, so I limited myself by using this basket which I painted white. It fits rolls of ribbon perfectly and will store the amount I need. Any more than will fit in the basket and I make myself part with some.


Plastic tubs are almost unavoidable as they are such a great solution for so many items. I love them because they stack easily, are clear so I can see what is inside, and they come in any size you may need! These are shoe box size and only cost $1-2.00 each. I put only one type of item in each one (e.g. stamps) and then label them to make it even easier to find what I am looking for. I store mine under my crafting table so they are easily accessible too.


You need a spot to sit or for visitors (usually kids) to sit. I found this old toy box in the perfect color for my room and added a couple of pillows.


What's even better? Multi-functional pieces. Of course there's tons of storage space inside, so I use the toy box to store my record collection. I love listening to old records while I work!


Storage space can be found anywhere! I found this wicker shelf which was pumpkin orange and I painted it white (surprise). I love it because it is taking advantage of the vertical space in the room and serves as a shelf for decorative pieces, but also has more storage in it. It actually stores my computer cords and software disks.

I am always looking for more ideas for storage. What are some ideas you love or areas you struggle with?


  1. Great ideas! I love the record storage and the fact that you listen to them. My old record player is in a closet somewhere...!

  2. I agree that taking advantage of vertical space is the perfect creative storage solution. Especially when the vertical space can double as shelf for decorative pieces. You may like the stackable storage bins from Find It® products and possibly even the art supply caddy. I think you'll find these two storage items perfect for your craft room. You can check them both out here: http://www.finditproducts.com/storage_organization

    great blog!!

  3. Pretty! I love the colored bottles. So true, they don't make the clutter seem like clutter. Great storage ideas! I wish I could have my own craft room, but I can't even keep my own room organized. There's just not that much space. :(

  4. Very organize. Great idea on how to store stuff.