Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Summer Garden

If you follow my blog, then you saw my Spring post with pictures from my garden.  We are now in the midst of the heat of Summer and flowers that were blooming in the Spring have subsided while others are at their full glory.

I wanted to capture the beauty of our Summer blooms.  The hydrangea is my favorite hands-down.  I absolutely love blue flowers and I don't think it gets better than a hydrangea in blue full-bloom!

Of course we still have roses blooming.  Isn't that a staple in every garden?  I love the multi-color varieties we have, but they were no longer blooming by the time I got the camera out.  These salmon-colored roses are beautiful in their own right.  Who doesn't love roses - a gorgeous work of nature.

Bees are all around in the summer as well.  I love this shot of a bee about to land on this pink flower.  Do you see it?

My herb garden recently took off and now needs a trim, but the fullness is marvelous to see!  I have lavendar, sage, two varieties of thyme and cilantro here.  I also love basil (again, who doesn't?), but for some reason I have better success with basil when I grow it in pots.

*Future post on our vegetable garden coming soon...


  1. I love the hydrangeas, they are gorgeous. The herbs look huge!! Beautiful garden, congrats.

  2. i adore the hydrangeas, alas we can never get them to stay alive
    ((they always commit suicide after a few days in our care))
    we have found that the fake flowers available at the dollar store look beautiful year round- and the best part? they don't die (0:

  3. The hydrangeas are gorgeous! I have a hard time with them here in San Jose ~ too hot ~too cold ~foggy etc. Mine are pink! I would love to have the correct soil for them to be blue!

  4. I wish I knew more about the soil content to know how to change it for the hydrangeas. I just got lucky that they are blue. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing you garden pictures - I bet its beautiful in the flesh and the rose & lavender must smell wonderful.

  6. What beautiful flowers! I bet it is lovely to walk out and see that every day!