Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fun Craft Tutorial - Clothespin Dolls

I found a bag of old wooden clothespins and was curious what people do with them (other than hang clothes of course).  I found this idea of painting them as little people to make dolls for my kids to play with.  Here's how:

Start with this style clothespin.  Paint whatever color pants and shoes.

Next, add a shirt and any details to the clothing you want and hair.  I have the shirt end just over the curve so that it looks like shoulders. 

Next comes the face.  *I recommend using a fine tip brush for the face and clothing details.  

Finally, you will seal them with any wood sealer.  Most dry quickly which is a good thing as your kids won't want to wait to play with these! 

I made boys and girls and experimented with different hair and skin colors, hair styles, and various clothing colors. I think my kids like the variety.

  • Use fabric ribbon as clothing or accessories (e.g. scarf, belt).
  • Add more details: pockets, more realistic facial features...
  • Make animals or aliens (my son's idea).
  • Paint them to look like members of your family.
  • Make for find a small bag, basket, or bucket to store them.
  • They make a great travel toy!

Find sets of clothespins in my shop to make your own!