Monday, December 7, 2009

Before and After:

I love seeing Before and After pictures, so I try to post them on my blog frequently.  Unfortunately I usually get so excited to redo a piece that I start working on it, then remember to take a picture.  So I finally remembered!

This is a small wood shelf with a great, useful peg.  It was white with some sort of purple design.  Solid and begging for a makeover...

So I sanded it quite a bit, painted it black, then adhered a piece of vintage sheet music to it.  I am very happy with the end result.  I will be adding it to my shop very soon!


  1. That's so cute!! You did a wonderful job - it looks much better!

  2. Very cute! I like it much better black and love the touch of the sheet music!

  3. Love the new look! Now I'm looking at the shelves in my house...

  4. the vintage sheet music is a very cool touch!