Thursday, September 24, 2009

A New Line in My Shop

I am very excited to announce a new line in my Etsy shop. Last week I introduced a new line of One-of-a-Kind (OOAK) small drawer sets. They are so much fun to make!
I currently have 3 of these in my shop and will be adding more soon. I am working on them now!

I selected these because of their multiple uses and because of their quality. A lot of newly-made wood products are light-weight, come apart and are simply cheap. I found these drawer sets to be well made and I search through dozens to find the ones with the even drawers, knobs... So you can know that each one is hand-selected before I even begin work on it.

Uses for these great pieces are virtually endless. They can go in a bedroom for holding jewelry, a little girls room for hair accessories, an office for supplies: tags, tape, staples, paperclips or a studio for a number of supplies: sewing notions, stamps, beads...

I start by sanding every surface of the drawers and the base. I then paint the entire piece white, then adhere decorative paper to the top and sides, sanding the edges for a finished edge. I then paint the drawers (usually) to coordinate with the paper on the top and sides. Finally I paint and attach wood bead or ball legs to the bottom.


  1. I love them!

    I have a little set of drawers in the master bath. It has been around for many years. Perfect for so many things and small enough that it could be set anywhere. I just chose to hang mine up!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Take a gift from me :)